Lirik Lagu No Dream Land - Float

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Lirik Lagu No Dream Land - Float
Judul : No Dream Land
Artis/Band Penyanyi : Float
Gengre Musik : Pop

♫ No Dream Land - Float

Running down the corridor in such fancy suit
To catch another 9 to 5
Hiding all your true desires and keep all of them mute
Seems the only way to survive
The never ending story of this no-dream land
Is on the morning headline all this time
Our hesitation is our every day's game
Is this the land that God's condemned?

Sippin' up your lunch-break coffee by the windowpane
Too many plans left to update
You can't wait to have the sun down again
To get the hell out of this cage
Hoping someone starts the revolution
Man, you know that we could be the ones
What the representatives said's not about the constitution
They're just protecting what they won

All this time we're blind
All this time...

You could have been something greater with your balanced brain
The same old line from all your mates
You said, "Why should bother I've got 'dollar' to repel the pain?"
You spit it out as your defense
To be what we want is everyone's dream
Man, you know with passion we might win
How many more lies that should blind our eyes?
We can do something to our life

All this time we're blind

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Lirik Lagu No Dream Land - Float
4/ 5

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